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Our brewery is custom built to make the best quality lager. We worked backwards from the drink in the glass to make sure we are creating one of the best lagers in the UK. Here’s how we make the Keller Lager, our flagship beer - a full-bodied lager which is big on flavour.

We mill our own barley that we import from Franconia in Germany, and also use Franconian Perle hops for the Keller Lager to give it the classic bitterness. We use fresh, wet lager yeast and monitor it carefully so it never gets too stressed or over-used.

The mash is boiled, put into the tank then re-mixed, reboiled and sparged - this means adding water to the barley mash, then taking the resulting liquid off for fermentation. The initial fermentation takes seven days, then the beer is left to go through the lagering process for up to five weeks. This low (2-3 degrees centigrade) and slow lagering is the most important and traditional part of making our beer, and fully integrates the flavours.

Water is the majority ingredient in beer. We tried different water types and found that reverse osmosis (a process to soften water) definitely made better tasting lager, so that’s what we use.

Our semi-automated 10HL Zip brewhouse that enables us to have precise control of temperatures and timings throughout the mash conversion process. We also have our own facility at the brewery to ensure there is no oxygen ingress at any stage of this process.