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Proper lager brewed in the British countryside is the driving force behind the brewery.  Making a great lager is an exact science and you can't cut any corners.  At Braybrooke we have created a brewery that gives us full control at every stage of the process.  A large number of UK breweries who do make lager are doing so on inappropriate equipment and without using the very best quality water, authentic noble hops and the correct lager yeast strain.  At Braybrooke we have worked backwards from the drink in the glass to the barley grains in the field to make sure we are creating one of the best lagers in the UK.  This starts with milling our own barley to order that we have imported directly from Franconia.  We then put our water through a reverse osmosis machine to make it deliciously soft.  We have a semi-automated 10HL Zip brewhouse that enables us to have precise control of temperatures and timings throughout the mash conversion process.   We make sure we have the freshest, noble hops from Franconia to give the beer its classic bitterness.  We use fresh, wet yeast and monitor it carefully so it never gets too stressed or over used.  We have our own facility at the brewery to ensure there is no oxygen ingress at any stage of this process.