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Braybrooke Beer Co: making lager the main event.

We started Braybrooke in 2017 with just one aim - to make really good, really delicious lager. Beer doesn’t have to be complicated as long as it’s made in the right way with a commitment to quality. That’s exactly what we’re doing in the heart of the English countryside, near Market Harborough.

We’re Luke, Nick and Cam, three friends with decades of combined experience in the food and drink trades. Our love of serious lager came from our travels in Germany where we met Stephan Michel, owner of Mahrs Brau, founded in 1670 and one of the highest rated lager breweries in the world. Stephan came on board to get us started and he remains our resident brewing guru. 

  Our range has grown but still consists of versatile, thirst-quenching beers, made with expertise and the best ingredients.